Boxes & Packaging

Perfect For Self Storage

We have found that one of the biggest issues faced by those who need additional storage space is not having the self storage packaging available to keep their belongings in.  The AM Self Storage team is here to make your move in and out of storage as easy as possible and can offer specialised packaging such as boxes and bubble wrap:

Medium Box 18x13x13”
Large Box 18x18x20”
Tall Box 18x18x30”
Wardrobe Box with plastic hang rail 48”
Tape, Marker Pens, Pallet Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Tape Gun and Padlock

For great value specialised packaging contact your local storage facility.


How To Pack For Storage
Pack these items into small boxes and label them clearly. Good labeling at this point can save you a lot of time and effort later when trying to find something, so be sure to take a little time to do this properly.

How you pack your items will impact on the size of storage unit you will require. Smaller boxes will undoubtedly stack differently than larger boxes.

You should consider how manageable the box would be, will it be heavy, can it be stacked, and will it be able to have other boxes placed on top of it. You can take advantage of you storage unit height by stacking as many boxes as possible.

You can help to protect your items further by packing well e.g. packing books flat will protect their spines and if your unit features a concrete floor, storing them on pallets will protect them from condensation in the concrete. Books can quickly fill a large box and become very heavy consider using a smaller box to make them more manageable.

When placing your boxes in storage be sure to place the bigger boxes at the back to enable you easier access.

A great self storage tip is to make a list of every item in storage and the box number it is residing in. Keep this list pinned to the inside wall of your unit as you enter for quick and easy reference when searching for a particular item.